These Allergy Relief Wipes Are Just What You’ve Been Looking For

Do you or your pooch suffer from allergies? If you’re not sure, itchy paws, itchy skin and runny eyes are symptoms associated with allergies. Regal Allergy Relief Wipes are soon going to be your pet (and your) next best friend.

Infused with Rooibos, Aloe and Trehalose, the Allergy Relief Wipes will:

  • assist in removing allergens from your dog’s fur and skin
  • clean excess dirt (no water required – and no miserable, wet dog to try and pacify)
  • reduce odour

About the herbs and compounds found in our Allergy Relief Wipes:

  • Aloe has hydrating, insulating and protective properties.
  • Rooibos soothes the skin, helps alleviate irritation and leaves your pooch with a beautiful, glossy coat.
  • Trehalose has rehydrating and water binding properties, and is known for being an antioxidant.

To use them, simply wipe the common areas affected by allergies, such as the face, paws and belly, daily, especially after walks, as pollens from grasses stick to a dog’s fur contributing to irritation.

The best part? They come in a convenient pack of 25 wipes. Think of them as wet wipes for dogs. And just like wet wipes are an essential item for any mom, so should these allergy wipes be for any pet owner.

Offer your pooches the relief they need and keep their tails wagging with these easy-to-use wipes.

For best results, use with the Allergy Relief Remedy.

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