Tips for walking your dog at night


Now that summer is sneaking up on us, the day’s are longer and the evenings are warmer. Perfect for a  nice walk with your dog!

Waiting until sundown can be a great way for a cool walk while your dog get’s some exercise.  Since it’s evening time, remember to keep safe. Here are some tips:

Be visible. Wear a reflective jacket, and collar for your dog. This is also a good idea in the event your dog escapes your leash in the park and you need to find him in the dark. Be sure that you, other pedestrians and drivers can spot your dog easily in the dark.

Wear ID tags. It’s an added precaution for your dog to wear a detailed ID tag in the event he gets loose and runs. You defintely stand a much better chance of getting your dog back, than without a tag.

Choose a well-lit path. Choose a path that has street lights or some kind of lighting. Stay clear from  dark, quiet parks and alley ways. It’s much safer for you and your pet. It’s best to walk in hearing range of other walkers, houses and traffic.

Bring a flashlight. A flashlight is very handy when walking your dog. Not only can you use for some light when cleaning up after your dog, but you can also use it to illuminate your path. very useful tool when  walking in the dark.

We hope you have many safe and pleasant walks with your furry friend this summer!

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