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Dr. Megan Kelly’s Top Tips & Vet Vlogs


Regal’s consulting holistic vet, Dr. Megan Kelly, shares her top tips on skin conditions as well as ticks and fleas in dogs and cats in these informative vet vlogs. Watch now for valuable vet advice!


More About Regal and Dr. Kelly


While it was very important to us to have a vet involved with Regal from the get-go, it was vital we found someone who had a similar philosophy about to pet wellness.

To us, the holistic approach to pet health is what underpins the Regal brand; that in order to get to the root of any disease, many factors need to be taken into account (including the physical, behavioural, social and emotional needs of our pets) as well as understanding that many modalities can work together to promote optimal health for our furry friends. For these reasons and more we were thrilled when we were introduced to Dr. Megan Kelly, one of very few holistic vets within the country!

Dr. Megan Kelly qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 2001. She has done post graduate studies at the University of Tennessee, USA where she studied canine rehabilitation and physical therapy, as well as Veterinary Acupuncture through the ABVA in the UK. She lectured at the World Veterinary conference in 2011 and has developed her own range of products to help old, handicapped and debilitated pets. In 2008 she opened her own clinic. The clinic is dedicated to treating and improving the lives of pets using acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine and natural therapies.

Looking for advice?


Watch our vet vlogs as Dr. Megan Kelly provides helpful tips, insightful advice, and useful information on a wide range of pet health topics!

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