What is my cat trying to tell me?

Communication is second nature to us humans, and often we forget that our feline friends also have their way of communicating with each other, and with us. If it’s the first time you’re a cat owner, the expressionless face and meows you hear from them will be very confusing to decipher or understand. But do not worry, you can better understand your furry friend by paying attention to her vocalisations, body postures, and daily routines. Your cat’s vocabulary may seem limited, but you can learn to associate the sounds he/she makes with certain moods or desires. Take into consideration the following 3 types of sounds:

  • The most common sort of meow is just a simple cry for attention
  • If the meowing happens when you’ve arrived home, your cat is probably happy to see you and wants to be cuddled or picked up
  • A female cat in heat will meow constantly to advertise her availability to males (also sounds like wailing, sometimes all day and night.)

It’s also worth noting that these sounds or meows are often accompanied by certain body language cues that can be understood by taking into consideration the following:

  • If she meows and arches her back to meet your hand when you pet her, it could indicate she’s enjoying the contact with you and inviting more.
  • If she meows and shrinks under your touch, she could rejecting your petting as she’s not interested right now.

These are just a few vocalisations and body language behaviours that cats display. You know, or will learn to know, your cat’s behaviour. Cats are all different. And after spending time with your furry friend, you will begin to recognise specific sounds with certain situations.

What is my cat trying to tell me?

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