At this point, most of you are already familiar with the inspiring journey of Stuart, the little Jack Russell with the big heart. If not, read about it here .

After filming the Regal TV ad in Cape Town, Stuart made his journey back to Wet Nose along with Veronica and her family. He had been at the rescue centre for over 2 years.

Once they got back home to Johannesburg, Veronica called us to give us the good news that Stuart had been adopted by a loving family!

It’s such a cute story, Stuart, who had been living with Veronica and her family, would go to work with Veronica every day. Shortly after returning to work after their trip to Cape Town, a lovely couple visited Wet Nose, hoping to find a companion for their little Jack Russell cross, Bobby.

As always, Stuart was in Veronica’s office during the couple’s visit. And as fate would have it, Bobby – who came along on the visit – immediately hit it off with Stuart! And off course, Stuart got along with the couple, too. From there on it was decided that he would go to his forever home and live with his new humans.

We’re sure they were pleasantly surprised to find out that they had adopted a local celebrity, now that Stuart would be appearing on TV!

So, it seems that life did a complete turnaround for this lucky rescue. And that little Stuart got the happy ending he so rightly deserves.

(For more information on how to rehome your rescue read here.)

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