Women’s Month – Aid 4 Animals in Distress

Name: Blair O’Neill

Charity involved in: Aid 4 Animals in Distress

How long have you been involved here: Since March 2016

Women’s Month – Aid 4 Animals in Distress

Where is the charity based:
We don’t have kennels and therefore we don’t have formal premises, but we mainly rescue in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. As we don’t have kennels we work solely with foster homes for all of our animals.

How many animals are currently in your care:
30 animals at the moment, but we normally average on about 50.

What do you love about what you do:
I would have to say fostering, especially when we rescue an animal that is completely shut down and untrusting of humans, and with some love and attention, slowly turns into a loving and trusting furbaby whose confidence grows every day.

Women’s Month – Aid 4 Animals in Distress

Which is your favourite Regal product: Skin Healing Shampoo

Are you a cat or a dog person: Dog person (but working in rescue has definitely made me like cats a lot more!)

What is your favourite pet quote or saying: “Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal”

Women’s Month – Aid 4 Animals in Distress

How many pets do you have at home: 1 dog, Cassie.

Most memorable moment in charity:
Rescue can be very tough, but there are also a lot of positive moments. There are too many to pick just one… it would have to be between how extremely proud I feel of our team after any of our successful fundraising events; when we change the life of any animal that was in dire need of another chance at being happy and loved; how in awe I am on a daily basis of the continued support that we receive from all of our loyal supporters and surrounding communities. We also reached our 1000 animals rescued earlier this year which was a very memorable moment!

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If anyone would like to become a foster parent, or find out more about it, please contact us via any of our channels.

Women’s Month – Aid 4 Animals in Distress

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