Name: Robyn Bronkhorst

Charity involved in: Pit Pals

How long have you been involved here: 4 years now

Where is the charity based: The Pit Pals kennels are in Klein Dassenberg between Melkbosstrand and Atlantis.

Tell us a bit more about what you do: What don’t I do J Seriously though, I love working with the rescues at the kennels every day, spending time with them, helping them to become the best versions of themselves, so that they can all go on to be amazing additions to any family.

Women’s Month – Pit Pals

What do you love about what you do: I love everything about what I do. Seeing the broken rescues heal inside and out, finding their “happy” again makes my day, EVERY DAY!

Which is your favourite Regal product: All-time favourite REGAL product has to be the Skin Healing Spray & Skin Care Remedy, it is brilliant for any and all skin issues.

Are you a cat or a dog person: Definitely more of a dog person, only because cats can be so independent and I need my daily dose of cuddles 🙂

What is your favourite pet quote or saying: That is a tough one, but being in rescue and seeing and dealing with so much in the past 4 years, I would have to say “Every dog deserves a home, but not every home deserves a dog”

How many pets do you have at home: I have 5 amazing rescues who all came to me as fosters and never left! They became our family and that was it, they were home!

Women’s Month – Pit Pals

Most memorable (positive) moment in charity: Every adoption we have is a great day for me! Seeing a neglected, abused or abandoned dog find a home and a family, a second chance at happiness, this is what keeps me and all the ladies at Pit Pals going.

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Women’s Month – Pit Pals

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