Women’s Month – Staffordshire Terrier Rescue SA

Name: Katja

Charity involved in: Staffordshire Terrier Rescue SA NPC – to rescue and rehabilitate Staffords in need

How long have you been involved here: I got involved end 2013

Where is the charity based: the charity is based in CT and JHB

Women’s Month – Staffordshire Terrier Rescue SA

Tell us a bit more about what you do: we assist to help Staffords in need to new loving and responsible homes. Most of the dogs are in a current situation and due to divorce, financial issues, immigration or due to the Stafford fighting with other existing dogs helping to rehome and make everybody’s life better that way, rehoming of a Stafford is not taken easy and if approached our initial aim is to try and find a solution to keep the dog in his existing home and assist with recommendations or with a visit of a professional behaviourist to assess the situation in a home, give recommendations or suggest to re-home the dog due to stress related situations or environment. Many Staffords get naughty if they do not have enough attention or exercise or might been bullied by the older existing dog in the home and now been older stand up for himself etc, the list is long. If nothing works we take dogs in and let them settle in our care, look into issues and start working with them to overcome their issues or soften them up. When we take a stray or abused, distressed dog in we need time to establish their state and what they like and not, some of them can not even walk on a leash or play with other dogs as they never had a dog friend around. Some of them are petrified due to their situation they come out of and just need some time to find their feet and need some human attention and slow approach to make them feel comfortable. Some Staffords are not used to touch and need to learn they can trust a human etc, the list is long. We try to establish as much as we can as the homing of a rescue Staff is of highest importance to us. We are painfully strict on home checks and for families to understand the past situation of the dog as well as what is needed for their happy future together. We open our books to all information we have or found out to ensure there is no misunderstanding. It is a life time commitment after all and people need to be ready to put their time and love into a Stafford to make their bright future work. We very much into taking care of the Staffords needs and rather wait a little longer until the right home comes along. To find a home as a second chance in life is so important and we don’t want a dog to come back to us as he/she was misunderstood.

Women’s Month – Staffordshire Terrier Rescue SA

What do you love about what you do: the Stafford breed first as such and to be able to help and make a difference in the Staffs life. To invest the time and effort to make a chance in a Staffords life and make it brighter or happier then ever before is a huge responsibility but comes with many rewards once successful. We meet amazing people who open their homes and hearts to this amazing breed and are prepared to go an extra mile for this typical huge Stafford smile. We just love what we do and the reward is always huge even in between tears and disappointments pull you down.

Which is your favourite Regal product: I personally like Regal Pet Skin Remedy. Staffords come very often with skin allergies or irritation, our results with the Staffs are amazing.

Are you a cat or a dog person: dogs dogs dogs

What is your favourite pet quote or saying: “Once a Stafford always a Stafford.” In all breed of dogs I ever had in my life this breed is the most outstanding and loyal dog ever. No mistake they come with lots of time and effort needed to keep them happy and balanced but the kisses and cuddles and sensitivity of the breed is the deepest I ever came along.

How many pets do you have at home: currently 3 dogs

Most memorable moment in charity: There is always a dog what touches your heart more then others, please do not misunderstand, they all have their spot in our hearths but some connections are just deeper and closer as others, I homed many Staffords and mostly there are tears when we let them go into their new families and lives, some you just can not forget and they will always have a soft spot in my heart, latest memory is ACE who had a tough start to life but found the most amazing family who loves him dearly. To drop ACE off in his new home and drive away thereafter was just a stream of tears and a few stops on the side of the road to dry up tears and not cause traffic chaos. ACE will always have a huge spot in my heart and if I would have been in the position to keep him in my own pack I would have. ACE has the best life ever in Mossel Bay enjoying beach walks every day with Irma and Johan, he could not have found himself a better home. 

Women’s Month – Staffordshire Terrier Rescue SA

Anything else you would like to add: I would like to say a huge thank you to all our followers, people who make donations towards our work with this amazing breed and our volunteers all over SA who go out their way to do home checks, we could not do the work we do without any of those. We are a NPC and rely on donations only, we have at times huge amounts of Staffs at kennels needing vet care, to be neutered/sterilised, micro chipped and vaccinated, we have to ensure kennels are paid to keep them safe and secure, food supply needs to be existing as well as bedding, collars, harnesses, leashed, toys and treats as well as in some cases behavioural appointments and care. We are a fully functional rescue organisation who can only exist with all the love and care and input from trough Stafford lovers.

What are you grateful for: I am very grateful for the amount of people who get in contact with us asking for help and advise, that if a re-homing is needed the dogs is given a fair chance to get in touch with a breed specific rescue organisation and to care and not just dump. I am grateful for people who care about their Staffords future and putting their fur child first if there is no other solution then to rehome and share with us and trust us with their most precious family member. I am grateful for people who help Staffords in need to tag us and share our organisation to spread the word so we can help and support where ever we can. 

My love goes out to all Stafford lovers around the globe who honer their Stafford

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Women’s Month – Staffordshire Terrier Rescue SA

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