Zorro’s story of recovery using Regal Skin Care Remedy


By Serita Robertson

“Good day to you

See attached, photos of my English Bull Terrier from when I started him on Regal Skin Remedy (2nd of Oct until yesterday, 10 Nov) and how it has improved his skin problem.

One bottle – and just over a month’s use – later.  (He has just started his 2nd bottle yesterday.)

My boy (as too many Bullies do) was suffering from sores (cysts) between the toes which got sorted with Cortisone pills, but then this ‘’thing’’ appeared on his chest area.

I have tried everything, (to make a long story short), then I put him on the Skin Remedy, kept to a strict regime of 10ml on food in the morning and 10ml again on his food in the evening.

As you can see, his skin has improved radically and I am very happy about that!

Thank you for a great product. I have over 300 facebook Bull Terrier friends all over the world – or should I say my dog does 😉 and he has many admirers J so I have showed them how well Regal has worked for him.

I will be keeping my Bullie on Regal Skin Remedy, so many thanks again from me and my boy Zorro J!”

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