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Our name, Regal Pet Health, pretty much sums up what we’re all about: we’re passionate about bringing you the very finest in pet-health supplements formulated with the very best ingredients – herbal ingredients, to be precise.

We must admit, we’re a bit like a dog with a bone when it comes to our belief in the goodness of herbs for our four-legged companions. Here’s why: cats and dogs instinctively seek out herbs when they feel a bit under the weather. You’ve probably seen your pooch or kitty snack on grass, right? But our urban lifestyles complete with compact gardens (or no garden at all), limit their access to these beneficial herbs.

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Herbal-based supplements

Regal Pet Heath’s supplements are there to fill the nutritional gap, and then some!

Our expertly formulated solutions target a variety of fur-kid health issues, from separation anxiety to creaky joints. The overwhelming positive feedback we’ve received from pet parents over the years proves that our herbal-based supplements make a meaningful difference to the health and happiness of that very special member of your family.

Join the Regal Pet Health family and let us help you take care of your fur babies in the way they take care of you.


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