Brave the “Vausdale Road Dog” – miracle rescue and recovery with the help of Regal Skin Healing Spray



We received an email from a very concerned lady, Helena Susanna Minnie, telling us about the Vausdale Road Dog that had been roaming the streets for a while and had finally been rescued. She also sent us photo’s of how terrible his skin had become and we agreed to help out by sending him Regal products to use. We sent him the Skin Care Formula, Healthy Skin Spray, Nerve Tonic and the Immune Health Formula. We then received this wonderful feedback on his progress along with pictures.


“I am Brave’s new mom, we have been fostering him since he was rescued by Pinetown Pet Rescue but have decided to keep him as he is a very special boy and has crept into our hearts. You very kindly donated some Regal products to this special boy and I thought it would be great to share his improvement with you. We have been using Regal Skin Care Remedy and Skin Healing Spray on him daily and his skin has improved so well! It is so soft and smooth and the new skin cells are growing really well. As you can see in the photos, his skin is looking great! Thank you so much for your generosity towards Brave, we are eternally grateful!”




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