Regal Skin Care Remedy – Chance’s Story

Regal Skin CareRemedy - Chance's Story


By Chanel Holliday


“Chance was born deaf, at 2 weeks old he’s mom attacked him & very nearly killed him, the breeders took him to the vet & they managed to save him, he had wounds everywhere & a spinal injury. Chance only started walking at 2 & half months of age, my mom Beverley & myself met him shortly after that, we decided to adopt him, he came home with us just after he turned 3 months old, he had spent very little time on grass & it was his favourite thing to lie on the lawn in the sun, but he would itch terribly, he would scratch himself till the blood flowed, our vet Dr Rosch from Park Veterinary Hospital prescribed cortisone & antihistamine’s for his grass allergy, we all hoped that it was just that he wasn’t used to it that his skin reacted to it, but unfortunately it didn’t go away. We then started putting toddler t-shirts on him when he went outside, so the grass wouldn’t touch his sensitive chest & belly skin & he wouldn’t be able to do so much damage scratching.


But he didn’t grow out of the allergy and we had to keep him on the cortisone, we tried many times to take him off but had to put him back on after a few days. Until we saw your Regal Skin Care Remedy, we decided to give it a shot & it has worked wonderfully, he’s been completely off the cortisone for 2 weeks now, no scratching, no inflamed skin!


Strangely enough we don’t have pictures of ourselves with him, one has to get & hold his attention & the other has to take the picture, Chance is a very busy little guy, has to sniff & investigate everything, he is an extremely active 16 month old Pit Bull boy, we adore him & wouldn’t give him up for anything, he is a lot more work than our normal Pit Bulls, but he is worth it. Thank u once again!”

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