Garret’s story

~ Melissa van Heerden

So once again I’ve put Regal to the test. I’ve moved in with my fiancée and as I got home every night I noticed this feral cat hanging around outside. My fiancée and felt very sorry for him as you could see he was not the alpha male.

Our complex has a strict rule about feeding the ferals but I just didn’t care. I would leave him food on the porch, then the window sill and finally after 5 months got him to trust him and so he started coming inside and eating inside.

We gained his trust and he is now a member of the family. My fiancée named him carrot. I thought it was cruel and renamed him Garret. Garret was skinny, covered in sores from fights and fleas. Oh my word the fleas and dirt. So after a regal bath and having him tested for Feline aids and leukemia all negative I figured let’s put Regal to the test again.

I started giving him the Cat Tonic about a month ago. Garret is calmer, his stools look healthier and his sore spots have started healing and even growing hair. He’s slowly picking up weight but he is now a happy healthy ex street cat.

Thank you once again Regal. Another life saved!