Gia’s story using Regal Skin Healing Spray

Gia's story using Regal Skin Healing Spray


By A Lauten


“I came across the advert for Regal pet products in the Westville Vet Hospital newsletter. At the time my boerboel Gia was breaking out in lumps. The lumps would scab and she would lose fur on those spots. I bought the Regal Healthy Skin Spray and emailed you guys for advice and a time frame in which I would see a diffrence. I was informed that I should give it about 3 weeks. Well to my surprise and joy I noticed a significant difference in a week and a half and Gia’s been fine since. Now the Skin Healing Spray is the first on my list for any basic first aid remedy. I was so pleased with the product that I’ve now purchased the Joint Health with the hope of similar results for her hip dysplasia. Please find attached a photo of Gia.”


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