Milo’s Story



By Shaylene


“I bought Milo last year February from a private seller. He is a Jack Russell Pug cross. At 10 months old, Milo was diagnosed with Thymoma. With this cancer at his age his immune system started breaking down. With this he started getting allergic to everything – chicken, plastic, milk products etc. His face, tummy and paws were covered in hives. His body even turned on antibiotics. Milo started having breathing problems with his tongue and throat also swelling. I went and bought him the Regal Skin Care Remedy I saw a while back. It took about 2 weeks, but his swelling and hives disappeared. He also stopped shedding hair. Now he is 1.5 years old living with cancer and having a good life thanks to Regal Pet Health. Thank you!”

Regal Skin Care Remedy