Nugget with bowtie

Nugget showed up at our gate in really bad shape. He was very underfed and he had an old belt tied around his neck. We took him in for the night. Our plan was to take him to a rescue facility, but after the first night, we couldn’t imagine getting rid of this little ball of fluff. One night turned into forever. Fast forward to now, we noticed an intense amount of scratching. We noticed a hotspot behind his ear and from seeing reviews on Instagram, we immediately knew Regal was the answer. He got some relaxing baths with the Skin Healing Shampoo, his spot was cleaned daily and the Skin Healing Spray was applied, and just for some extra Regal love, he got the Skin Care Remedy over his food. We noticed how quickly his spot healed. His spot is fully cleared up now, but he still gets the Skin Care Remedy over his food, and we’ve also added the Glossy Coat Remedy to his food, to make his coat extra shiny, and to help the hair behind his ear grow out.

~ Nadia Venter

Nugget  Nugget