Seertjies’ Story

Seertjies Success Story

My dog’s name is Seertjies. He was born on 16 March 2016. He is a Jack Russell.

About 2-3 months after his birth, he got a skin condition. We didn’t know what it was. The vet say it was the wrong diet, so they gave me the most expensive dog food (Hills). He liked it but not all the time. So we changed his diet (he doesn’t eat that anymore) but then someone told me I must try Regal Skin Care Remedy. I went and bought it because my heart was broken every time I saw him and I was praying and crying. I couldn’t even touch him then he cries, then I’m in tears also. I didn’t think he would make it.

I saw the difference about 3 weeks later. He didn’t scratch as much as usual, and he had more energy too. When he was so sick he only wanted me and his flower blanky, and a lot of sleep.

Today he is a awesome dog and i love him to bits. He is my child, this one.

Seertjies Success Story


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