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Snoekie’s Success Story

Snoekie was born on the 24th December 2014, at around ten past seven in the evening. She almost died at birth but the breeder, Jorina, managed to save her – something I’ll be eternally grateful for! She came into my life on the 7th February 2015 and changed my life in an unbelievable way. I always say that she was sent straight from Heaven to come and save my life.

Snoekie was however, unfortunately, born with a number of physical defects. The first noticeable problem was patellar luxation in both her hind legsies. Within the first two years of her life, both her back legsies were operated on due to the severity of the problem. Each operation was followed by months of hydrotherapy in order to build up the muscles in her hind legsies. By the time her permanent teethies had come out, it was clear that she doesn’t have a full set of teethies and the ones she does have are very small in comparison to other chihuahuas. In October 2018 I found out that she has severe arthritis due to hip dysplasia, again a condition that she was born with.

Having said all of this, Snoekie is the most curious, optimistic and happy little being I have ever encountered in my life. She touches and steals hearts wherever she goes with her friendly and enthusiastic disposition, and what she lacks physically are balanced out by a big spirit, big brain, and an abundance of personality and intuition. I bear witness to so many incidents where she has made people smile and lighten up their moods with her quirky personality and friendly approach.

I realised quickly that the only thing about her physical problems that I have a little bit of control over is preserving the few teethies that she does have. So I’m so grateful that I discovered Regal Pet Health products! She absolutely loves the Doggy Dental Chews, and has one every morning for ‘breakfast’. Without exception, vets (locums included when her regular vet is not available) express their surprise at how clean her teethies are for such a small dog. We kiss a lot ? and her breath is always fresh. Thank you, Regal Pet Health. You made such a difference in our lives!