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Sophie came into my life as a 9-month old pup. Little is known about her history other than that she was rescued from an informal settlement near Table View. She has always been the sweetest, gentlest girl, really sensitive to my ‘moods’ and a constant companion / shadow, especially when I have ill (flu etc). An affectionate lass, but loves cuddles and snuggles on her terms ?

Sophie has always struggled with many allergies – grass, flea bites, etc. At one stage she would bite her front paw when she could not find relief or reach the ‘troubled areas’. Initially the vet had her on allergy meds and cortisone, but I felt that this was not sustainable for her in the long term. That’s when I discovered Regal Allergy Relief Remedy, which I’ve been using for about 2 years. I recently discovered the Regal Allergy Relief Wipes, and have noted a marked improvement in her skin and well-being in the 3 months I have added these wipes to her care. I use them for her ears, paws, tummy and other parts she would be mortified for me to mention. She is a much happier dog and she has stopped scooting (all her scooting was allergy-related). An almost immediate relief is noted in her demeanour when the wipes are used. On a particularly bad day, I also add Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy to restore balance and harmony (hers and mine ?.

Her doggy sisters (3 rescues) also benefit from Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy (thunder, loud noises, fireworks) and also the Regal Joint health Remedy (the older dog has had a cruciate repair). Of course, they all LOVE Regal Dental Chews too!



~~ Michelle Blackie